Types of consultation:

You can make an appointment for a consultation by sending an e-mail (click here) or by calling the following phone number: +31 73 52 29 08 4. There is a possibility that you will get the answering machine. In that case, please leave your name and telephone number if you would like me to return your call.

The individual consultation

With the individual consultation at site, via Skype, telephone or e-mail, I will tune in to you at a clairvoyant and ‘knowing’ level. I get to see images of life themes and information regarding you as a person, which, at that moment, are important for your process of  consciousness.

The individual consultation will show your decisive insights of life, raise your blockades, put you in power and bring inner peace. You can feel more joy in life, get more creative, feel inspired and also feel more vital and lighter inside.

During a consultation we will look at the past, the present and the future. You will start seeing connections and, through that, get to know yourself better.

I will give you the handles to control your own processes and your interactions with your environment: at home, at work, in relationships, at your studies, during work in groups etc.

I also work with children and young people a lot. People of all ages are welcome!

Note: A consultation given by me does not replace medical healthcare!
It’s not a therapie. A consultation is a lesson/training.


After the first tuning, an act of action and interaction will form, in which needful information will be released.

I use methods which I have developed myself. A number of methods is pre-eminently suitable for children, whereas other methods are used more often with adults.

Examples of my methods:

  • Reading and determining the energetic, mental, physical and emotional fields in various levels
  • Bodywork
  • Reading timelines, oversight of generations
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Working with pictures: Gathering information and ‘direct processes’ through pictures
  • Regression
  • Brain gym
  • Visualisations
  • Sound and vibration by using overtone, voice, percussion and suchlike
  • Phonophoresis (Using tuning forks with special frequencies)
  • Communicative training and intuitional forms of communication
  • Playful exercise and motion – in some cases using attributes

Practical points for consultations at site – good to know:

  • During a consultation in my practice, it may be good to take off your glasses or take out your contact lenses
  • During a consultation, we may alternate between lying down, sitting, standing and moving
  • During a consultation, we work through spoken word, thoughts, touching or directly guided changes in movement and position
  • It is best for the client not to wear tight, but loose-fitting clothes. It is also advised to wear warm socks.

Registration, advices and aftercare regarding consultations:

  • For the first consultation at site (in my practice), the client is required to read, fill out and sign the registration form with the terms and conditions.
    The client will be given a copy of said form during the first consultation.
  • In case of physical, mental or emotional issues, the client is required to consult regular healthcare first.
  • A consultation can cause reactions. Known issues, a ‘weak spot’ may arise. This may happen within 24-48 hours after the consultation. After that time, said issue should no longer be felt. In case the client doubts the felt reaction, I advise the client to contact me. In case of a severe reaction or a reaction holding for longer than 48 hours, I advise the client to consult regular healthcare, as the issue then must have a physical cause which must have been around for longer.
  • It is advised to drink extra water the first days after the consultation. This will help the detoxification of your body.
  • A consultation will take time to integrate. This usually takes a few weeks.
  • After a maximum of three individual consultations, I will evaluate whether the counselling I give has any positive effects. In case of doubt, or in cases where the client’s process is not developing in a good way, I will stop the counselling.
  • Individual consultations are at your own risk.
  • The client himself/herself is responsible for the conclusions drawn and measures taken on the basis of consultations and given information.

Consultations can be cancelled 48 hours in advance at the latest.
When cancelled later or no cancellation at all, you will be charged for the consultation.
Please cancel by calling +31 73 52 29 08 4. Please leave a message if you get the answering machine.
Note: You can only cancel via e-mail when you ask for a read receipt and you also receive said read receipt.

I, El Lenssen, assume that the client, or in the case the client is underage, his parent/caretaker or supervisor, has read and understood the information given above and will act accordingly.

El Lenssen – Practice The Little Temple

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Consultation at a distance: E-mail

In case you live further away, an e-mail consultation may be a good idea. We will then work through e-mail and a picture of you.

This works as follows:

  • You send me an e-mail in which you indicate that you would like an e-mail consultation.
  • I’ll reply to your e-mail, informing you whether I can schedule your e-mail consultation. In that e-mail, I will also send you the bank account number of Het Tempeltje through a link to pay for your consultation.
  • You need to transfer the money to our bank account.
  • As soon as your payment has been received, I will schedule your consultation. I will contact you about the scheduling.
  • After this, you need to send me an e-mail, telling me your questions. You can describe what your issues are in that e-mail. Please add a picture of yourself to that e-mail. Choose a picture that feels right to send.
  • I tune into you at a distance. I will make use of your picture and your questions whilst I do this. During my work for you, I will write a short report. I will send you this report as soon as I have finished it. The report may contain exercises and/or tips.
  • Please report back to me whether you have received the report and whether you understood the information in said report.
  • You may ask me a short question as a result of the report, which I will give you short feedback of. With that, the consultation is finished.

If you have more questions, or if you would like to look further into this, you can make a follow-up appointment.

If you would like to request an e-mail consultation, please contact me via e-mail.
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Consult via Skype or telephone

In case you live further away and are therefore unable to attend a consultation at site, a consultation via Skype or telephone may be a good option. The direct contact time for a Skype or telephone consultation is 40 minutes.

If you would like a consultation via Skype or telephone, please contact me via e-mail.
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