Terms and conditions

With the individual consultation at site, via Skype, telephone or e-mail, I will tune in to you at a clairvoyant and ‘knowing’ level. I get to see images of life themes and information regarding you as a person, which, at that moment, are important for your process of  consciousness.

The individual consultation will show your decisive insights of life, raise your blockades, put you in power and bring inner peace. You can feel more joy in life, get more creative, feel inspired and also feel more vital and lighter inside.

A consultation given by me does not replace medical healthcare!

Registration, advices and aftercare regarding consultations:

  • In case of physical, mental or emotional issues, the client is required to consult regular healthcare first.
  • A consultation can cause reactions. Known issues, a ‘weak spot’ may arise. This may happen within 24-48 hours after the consultation. After that time, said issue should no longer be felt. In case the client doubts the felt reaction, I advise the client to contact me. In case of a severe reaction or a reaction holding for longer than 48 hours, I advise the client to consult regular healthcare, as the issue then must have a physical cause which must have been around for longer.
  • It is advised to drink extra water the first days after the consultation. This will help the detoxification of your body.
  • A consultation will take time to integrate. This usually takes a few weeks.
  • After a maximum of three individual consultations, I will evaluate whether the counselling I give has any positive effects. In case of doubt, or in cases where the client’s process is not developing in a good way, I will stop the counselling.
  • Individual consultations are at your own risk.
  • The client himself/herself is responsible for the conclusions drawn and measures taken on the basis of consultations and given information.
  • For the first consultation at site (in my practice), the client is required to read, fill out and sign the registration form with the terms and conditions.
    The client will be given a copy of said form during the first consultation.


Consultations can be cancelled 48 hours in advance at the latest.
When cancelled later or no cancellation at all, you will be charged for the consultation.
Please cancel by calling +31 73 52 29 08 4. Please leave a message if you get the answering machine.
Note: You can only cancel via e-mail when you ask for a read receipt and you also receive said read receipt.

I, El Lenssen, assume that the client, or in the case the client is underage, his parent/caretaker or supervisor, has read and understood the information given above and will act accordingly.

El Lenssen – Practice The Little Temple