About me

Hello, I’m El Lenssen.
Nice to meet you on my website!

I was born in 1961 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands. 
Since the year 2000, I’ve been working as a ‘Guide for life matters and inspirer’ in my own practice The Little Temple.

The year 1999 brought me a magical turnaround in my life. After a rather probing time, in which I literally stared death in the face, my life literally turned around. I received clairvoyant messages, dreams and ‘knowing’ insights in 1999 and 2000, which told me to take up the thread of my true destination. I was told: “El, if you don’t take IT up right now, you’re done in life! You will be very clairvoyant and claircognizant. Many, many people will find their way to you. You will be the one to help them. You will put them on their life path.”

And that’s how it happened. I got fed by courses and trainings, I got coached by people who worked in this area as healers, therapists or clairvoyants.  I started my work and built my own practice. At first, my practice was built-in at my home, but soon more people found me and we built a new space for my practice, with its own entrance at the back of our home. I called my practice Het Tempeltje – The Little Temple.

That’s when many, many people came to me. From every corner of my country, people found me. The stream of people could not be stopped anymore.

I developed my own strategies and ways of working throughout the years.  They turned out to be very effective!

My own deepest inner knowing and seeing eventually became the guideline for this all-inclusive perceiving and this great work.

Now I can tell people about life and the flip side of the page. I can tell and show them something about life and about themselves – something they just didn’t see (yet).

Welcome to The Little Temple

Enter the NOW.
Find your POWER and ZEAL
Become your MOTION!

Little Temple
My home to live in

Room of respect
Holy House on earth

In 2014, I wrote a book about my work.

It’s called:

Journey into the Foreland- Spiritual guidebook to our parents and ancestors

With this book, I hand you a true key to transformation. In this book, I will show you how we can transform into vital, energetic people, who will utilise the talents they possess. It has proven itself multiple times in my work.

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More about me

Before I was inwardly called to work as a life inspirere, I was working in education for quite a few years. As a teacher (in groups and specific courses), I got the opportunity to teach many people: children, young adults and adults. It was a good and useful time. It was an absolute delight to work with people and discover and learn new things all the time.

My passions are singing, dancing and making music! They’re like a connecting thread in my life. I don’t know any better than to sing – just for myself or with others. That’s where the choirs are: I’m in them and I’m in front of them! For years, as a conductor and artistic leader of several singing groups, I went on musical travels and did a lot of performances in my entire country The Netherlands.

The dancing came along with the singing. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been ‘in motion’ and I bring groups ‘in motion’.

I also love making music. I play various instruments, and I get trained by enthusiastic teachers!

About Hans van Gemert

Nowadays, Hans, my partner, advises and assists me to run The Little Temple logistically. With the many people finding their way here, we can’t do without his advice: I’d run out of hands to manage!

The website and web shop run under his supervision.

Hans also contributes musically to my work for groups and singing activities.

Besides that, he makes the most beautiful paintings, which often serve as visual material for workshops and readings.

In my book, Journey into the Foreland- Spiritual guide to our parents and ancestors, Hans was responsible for the striking and deepening visual material and the lay-out of the text.

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There are more people who help out – Many hands make ‘LIGHT-work’

To create my work of life, The Little Temple, I have built up a team of people, who support me. I get assisted when I work on location, when I need to schedule my appointments, when making visual material and when keeping order in the financial administration, the website and the web shop.

Even people from abroad now find their way to The Little Temple. To translate my book, my website and other material I work with, there’s an international team available to help me out.

The pictures on this site are shot by photographer Boy van Elten Fotografie and Patricia van Doorne

Thanks to the help of my partner, my children and many others, who contribute to my work of life , we can keep building a light and conscious world. I feel rich and blessed.

Welcome to my world, El Lenssen – The Little Temple

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