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My legs wrapped around the earth

He lay very still on my treatment table and began to talk very softly.

“My head is just so full. You are drawing all the pressure out of my head.”

He started whispering:

“El, you have to write that book. You just need to start writing.”


I made Pippin grow. “Pippin, can you feel it? You’re growing really, really tall!”

“Yes, I can feel it. I know this feeling! And then it’s like I can wrap my legs around

the earth!”


He whispered. A magical experience like this also asks for our respect

and for us to quiet down. Pippin, nine years old, visited my practice. A wise man

with knowledge and consciousness of the very old, the very far, the here and the



Dear readers, what you just read is only a tidbit from my practice.


I meet people from 0 to 100 years of age and can talk to them as equals. Why? Because we all communicate at that level, where we recognize each other.

I keep being told: “El, I feel like I am coming home with you. It is like you talk through me. When you talk, I hear myself speaking. El, with you I all of a sudden return to my body”.

Pippin gave me the perfect metaphor for what that core feeling is; of what I touch and mean to people. What Pippin mentioned happens to be what a lot of people feel when they are consulting me.

Pippin said I could tell you everything! His words: “I feel it! I am becoming tall again, so that I can wrap my legs around the earth.”


How does that work?

Our bodies are often too small to process everything we experience.

Our soul, our BEING, our energy is multiple times bigger than our physical bodies. Our energy body is gigantic in comparison to our physical forms!

When we connect with who we really are, we can become endlessly tall. We literally grow. We can truly feel it.

We reach from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven and even beyond that. We make an entrance for the past into the future. At the moment we are really ‘on our life’s path’.

It is very difficult to understand this. Our brain does its best and joins in the growing. However our understanding, that mind of ours, finds it hard to process. Our reasoning is just part of our brain and it is this part that cannot understand or explain. If we approach this rationally we cannot understand.

For this is an emotional issue.
You may feel this. And when you feel, then you become just like Pippin, a person with an endless reach that just can ‘wrap his legs around the earth’.
When you can do that you have a discovered a true treasure: The treasure of the endless! The treasure of unlimited ability!


That makes you feel very peaceful, that makes you very ‘knowledgeable’.

Hard core matter for science; easy-peasy for Pippin.